Five Star Registration System is an online registration, compliance, and verification system for child care centers.  The Five Star system collects, maintains, and keeps track of required forms online. The system saves both the child care center and parents time and energy while helping to increase child safety and ensure the center’s compliance. In addition to family and child data, the system assists the child care center in maintaining employee certifications, again improving child safety and helping to ensure the center’s compliance.  The easy to complete system reduces form redundancy for both parents and the center, improves form verification, and the online registration fee collection feature increases convenience for parents while allowing the center to instantly receive the registration fee payment.

Our automated online child care registration system facilitates the complete process—beginning with the collection of the required forms to the payment of the child care center’s registration fee.  This all-inclusive system simplifies the registration process completing the daunting task in a timely manner.  In addition to the complete registration process, the system incorporates automation to ensure staff records and qualifications are complete and up-to-date.

  • Improve child safety
  • Increase center security
  • Boost center compliance
  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • And much more!

The great features provide the necessary tools for centers to efficiently conduct child registration, remain compliant, improve child safety, security and much more!

  • Collect the required registration forms and fee in an easy, organized, secure, timely manner.
  • Easily monitor the center’s registration process.
  • Receive alerts when a child’s information is updated throughout the year.
  • Records remain up-to-date improving child safety and center security.
  • Remain compliant with both child forms and staff certification requirements.

Increased safety of their child, convenience of completing and submitting the required forms online, and the simple yearly data verification process will have parents happy you partnered with Five Star Registration System!

  • Complete the required registration forms through a quick, easy to use online system.
  • Experience no redundancy in completing the forms due to the system’s automation.
  • Save time as data remains from year to year requiring only accuracy verification.
  • Receive automated reminders to complete the online registration process.
  • Complete, update, or verify information from anywhere using any device with online connectivity.
  • Feel their children are safe knowing the child care center has up-to-date information.
  • Convenient online payment registration fee option.

Many standards are examined during daycare compliance inspections.

  • Utilize the system’s automation feature to maintain accurate staff records.
  • Improve child safety by ensuring required staff qualifications are up-to-date.
  • The system’s automation will remind and notify both the staff member and the center’s administration when certification renewal or resubmission dates are approaching or passed.
  • Remain compliant.
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