Dinosaurs, 8 Tracks and Compliance Paperwork?

By Steve Gfell on February 15, 2021

Your curiosity got the best of you, didn’t it? Everybody knows what the cat got for his curiosity, and it wasn’t pretty. But don’t worry, this will end a whole lot better. We promise. 

So what do dinosaurs, 8 track cassettes and compliance paperwork have to do with one another? They are all past their expiration date. Now you’re probably thinking, “I know the dinosaurs are dead, and I don’t even know what an 8 track is, so that makes sense. But I still see compliance paperwork every day.” Well, that’s because you don’t have Five Star.

Five Star regularly helps centers eliminate their need for paper and streamline their compliance process. In fact, we help our customers eliminate paperwork entirely. We’re to compliance paperwork what that comet was to the dinosaurs millions of years ago--without all of the fire, and brimstone, and ash, of course.

Before we talk about how you can get rid of paperwork, let’s first talk about why you should get rid of it. 

  • It’s expensive. If you pay the bills, you know that paper and toner aren’t cheap. One print can run anywhere from 8-10 cents per page. If you print 1000 pages a month (two reams of paper), that’s a cost of $80-$100! 
  • It takes up space. Think of all the binders, folders and cabinets you allocate to your paperwork. Your compliance section probably has its own zip code. It’s not easy to locate things either in all that mess, so hopefully you don’t need anything in a hurry. 
  • It’s dirty. Yes, dirty. Think of all the hands that have touched your paperwork and how many sneezes and coughs it has seen. Gross. It’s a pandemic world, and paper is just one more way to transmit coronavirus. 

Those reasons probably didn’t leave you feeling great. But this might. You can get rid of it all with Five Star--the cost, the mess and the germs.

  • It’s all online. Forget about the four inch thick registration binders. Quit buying paperwork by the truckload. You don’t need it anymore! Think of all that time wasted standing by the printer making copies of compliance paperwork. The folding. The stapling. Kiss it all goodbye. Five Star has you covered. 
  • Have a paperless inspection. Yeah, that’s right. A paperless inspection. Five Star gives you the capability to convert any of your online forms to a pdf and transfer it to a flash drive. Drag. Drop. Eject. That’s it. No more binders. No more time at the copier. Give that flash drive to your inspector, take a nice deep breath and relax. 
  • Parents can upload forms, so you never have to touch them. Any transaction you need can be done inside our system. That crinkled up germ collecting form that has passed from parent to receptionist to nurse to doctor to parent to you can be uploaded by mom or dad inside their own parent portal. Keep the germs where they belong--outside of your center! 

TIred of cave paintings and VHS tapes? Visit us online and schedule a demo at www.gofivestar.org

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