By ted on January 20, 2021

 “Someone asked me what the hardest part of being a preschool owner is. Without a doubt, the answer is keeping up on paperwork!”-Mike Iadmarco

When we recently asked Mike how paperwork impacts his day-to-day activity, he bluntly told us, “We spent hours upon hours registering, checking off lists and keeping track of paperwork for our preschool.”  If you’re like Mike, you get bogged down with compliance and registration paperwork too. It takes up your time, it costs you money, and it’s hard to keep organized. Did we mention it can be stressful? 

You’re in the childcare business because you like working with kids. How often does registration and compliance paperwork pull you or your staff away from what you love? In our conversations with providers, we know that it happens way too much. You’re either filing something, making a copy or getting a packet together for a new family. It just never ends. Some days you barely get to see the children!

Did you ever stop to think about how much money paperwork costs you? If you pay the bills, you know that paper and toner aren’t cheap. One print can run anywhere from 8-10 cents per page. If you print 1000 pages a month (two reams of paper), that’s a cost of $80-$100! This doesn’t include all of the hours of salary wasted getting it prepped.

Not only does the paperwork pull you away from what you enjoy, but it is stressful. Staying compliant has never been more important and more complicated. A missed form here, an unchecked box there, and “Boom!” you’re out of compliance. When this happens, we all know that it isn’t good. You can face fines, get sanctioned or even lose your license. 

We’re describing a pretty grim scene, right? However, it’s probably one you’re already all too familiar with. What if there was a better way? Oh wait! There is. It’s called Five Star Registration System.

“Now, everyone who enrolls heads right to our website and is easily connected to Five Star! No more check-off lists and no more binders of paperwork.”

-Mike Iadmarco

Mike is able to rest a lot easier knowing that Five Star is helping him be more efficient and save money. Mike isn’t unique. We’ve been able to help all of our customers get some piece of mind by helping them do a few key things.

  1. Five Star stays organized for you. There’s nothing worse than hearing, “I sent that form in last week.” Our custom software allows you to eliminate the “phantom form” by distributing and receiving forms with the touch of a button. Want to see who has returned their meal forms? Need to see if you have that emergency medical form? You’re just a few clicks away. 
  2. It’s all online, so there is no paperwork needed. Ever. Forget about the four inch thick registration binders. Quit buying paperwork by the truckload. You don’t need it anymore! Think of all that time wasted standing by the printer making copies of compliance paperwork. The folding. The stapling. Kiss it all goodbye. Five Star has you covered. 
  3. You will always be compliant. The days of wondering “Did I use the right form?” are over. Five Star has the most up to date forms from your state, and we update them regularly. We can also help you keep track of your staff’s certifications. Stay up to date on who’s in compliance and who’s not with our online tracker. 
  4. Need a special form unique to your center? No problem. Our team can work with you to create customized forms that do what you need them to. 

It’s tough being a childcare provider right now. We know. Five Star Registration System is here to make things a little easier. We feel good knowing that helping Mike and others like him is making a difference: “As we get ready  to register 150 kids for the upcoming school year, our minds are so much less stressed knowing it will all be organized with Five Star!”


Keep your parents informed of their status by giving them access to their private dashboard.

Stay organized with our admin interface that allows you to distribute, track and sort forms.

View your staff's compliance documentation to ensure everyone on your payroll is in line with current regulations.


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