Are ODJFS Forms Keeping You Up At Night?

By Steve Gfell on March 11, 2021


Preparing for a state inspection can be all consuming, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything ready. You lay awake in your bed at night worrying about this form and that binder. And when you do sleep, you have dreams about compliance paperwork. It just never ends.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. Many of our customers felt the same. Here at Five Star, we call this behavioral response Compliance Anxiety. Do any of these symptoms look familiar?

  • Frustration: No matter how much time you put in, you’re never getting ahead. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize that you’re missing some forms. 
  • Juggling: You’re trying to run a childcare center and prepare for an inspection simultaneously. With both of these demands, you can’t do either very well.
  • Stress: A failed inspection can close your doors and have a far-reaching economic impact on your business. Worrying about it always has you on edge. 
  • Uncertainty: You never really know if you have all the correct paperwork ready. There’s just so much of it, and it’s so hard to keep track of.
  • Exhaustion: The stress and added workload is running you into the ground. You are constantly running on fumes, and it’s taking its toll on you physically and mentally. 


Five Star lets parents fill out ODJFS forms online and then transfers the data to the real ODJFS form. If a parent fills out a form through our portal, you are guaranteed to be compliant! Your days of pushing paper are over!


Need a form from a parent? Have to send one back that needs to be completed? Our two way portal allows centers and parents to share forms in real time to eliminate confusion and missing documents. Quit sending paperwork home in a child’s backpack hoping someone sees it.


Don’t you hate it when paperwork is incomplete? That won’t happen again with Five Star. Our system prompts parents to complete all portions of necessary forms. A parent cannot progress through the system until all information is filled in. 


Stop losing sleep! Get Five Star!


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